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How do I receive QuikShip address?

After you sign up for a new account, we will determine your box number and generate a shipping address for you.

How much does it cost to ship a package to my country?

To receive a free quote, please use our Shipping Calculator. Enter the weight of the package, length, width, height and purchase details.

What services do you offer and what are the fees?

Our services include express shipping via frequent flights from Miami, comprehensive tracking once packaged is received, email notifications with updates, secure transactions regarding credit card information, passwords, as well as, mail forwarding. You can find our rates at quikshipjm.com/rates-fees or click the Rates & Fees tab

How will QuikShip know the package is mine?

As soon as you complete your registration, we will assign a mailbox number to you. You will use this box number with your name and our address as the shipping address. Once any package arrives we will see your name and mailbox number on it. We will notify you by email and you will also see the package on your account.

Should I notify QuikShip of any incoming packages?

You do not have to notify us of any incoming packages. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive the package.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, major debit and credit cards for payments.

How do I become a Platinum Member?

To become a Platinum Member you must ship 20 orders in 45 days.

Disclaimer: If an invoice contains multiple items this is considered ONE order. To be considered we must receive 20 Invoices. Expires after 90 days. If ship 20 packages during 90 day period of platinum membership, membership will renew for another 3 months

How do I request delivery?

Call our office at 616-8488 or send an email to contact@quikshipjm.com with the location and time you would like it to be delivered

When do I pay for delivery?

Delivery fees within Kingston may be paid upon delivery with either cash or card. Deliveries outside of Kingston must be paid prior to delivery

Is there a cost to sign up?

Sign up is FREE

How can I earn discounts?

Become a Platinum Member and receive 10% OFF all future shipments.

Be an Honorary Member: Refer friends! If 10 sign up, you will receive a 5% Discount off future shipments for 90 days!

Disclaimer: You must send the list of friends to contact@quikshipjm.com to be considered. NO GHOST/FAKE accounts will be eligible

When will I be charged Duty?

Duty is charged by Jamaica Customs on items that cost over $50 USD


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